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Professional Skip Hire

Cardiff Skips takes the legwork out of skip hire, making waste management and disposal a breeze. We’ve had years of experience in the trade so we understand what it takes to make our customers not only happy, but loyal. For a premium service to last as long as we have, we can only provide the best to our customers, and we have done since the first day we started! Caerphilly Skips can make removing residential, industrial and commercial waste a lot easier. With our wide variety of skips, transported to your door, you will have the best solution for skip hire.

Some of the best prices on skip hire, all from a reliable company, offering skip hire in Cardiff & all over South Wales.

The skip you need

Skip hire is a huge sector nowadays, with more people looking to DIY programmes on TV for inspiration so that they can take home design into their own hands. With households now wanting to renovate their homes with a  new bathroom, kitchen, living room or home extension, the need for a reliable skip service has never been more valuable. From budding DIY-ers to semi-professional contractors, We’re able to provide skips for every situation!

Skip hire can be incredibly useful for a range of reasons, with one of those being that not many households can afford neither need a skip permanently. While you are renovating your home and clearing out the mess or working in your garden and throwing out your waste, having a skip on-premise in your home is vital. Skip providers offer great flexibility as you can determine how long you want the skip for, and when you would like it collected. The skip will then be delivered to your address where it will either be placed on your property if you have the extra space or placed on the road.
Depending on where you live, you might need a road permit if you have to put the skip on a road if you don’t have the room to put it on your drive. This is something that most providers would let you sort on your own accord, but this is something we can organise for you! Cardiff Skips help you with your skip permit at no extra cost to you as we don’t charge the commission for sorting your permit out!

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Things to consider:

1. Think about the size – You should ask yourself, how much waste do you need to get rid of? As a general rule of thumb, it’s always good to overestimate the size of the skip as it will never hurt to have more space to throw your rubbish out. This being said, you should be aware of the location you are storing your skip since space restrictions come into place when you think about having bigger skips on your property. Of course, public highway permits are always an option so don’t let that put you off. Keep in mind that overloading skips are illegal so always be aware of how you are throwing your waste away.

2. Think about the location. If you are living in the middle of a city, need to do work on a block of flats and you don’t have access to a driveway, then you might have to re-consider your how you use your space since you won’t be able to place your skip on private property. If your skip is on a public highway, then you will have to obtain an on-road permit from the local authorities/council. This can be arranged by Caerphilly Skips, taking a cumbersome and boring job out of your hands. Caerphilly’s permit application service comes to you at no extra cost as we aim to provide the easiest skip hire service!

3. Understand what you can throw away. Most customers needing skip hire understand what they are allowed to discard whereas some may not know due to a lack of general knowledge. As a rule of thumb, any hazardous waste needs to be disposed of with other methods as you should only put non-hazardous waste in a skip. You also can’t put fridges, freezers, tires, TV’s, batteries or anything else that may cause a hazard. If you have any doubts or questions, then you should always a contact your local council or the team at Caerphilly Skips so that they can advise you on the best way to dispose of your waste.


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