5 Steps for Easy Skip Hire!

5 Steps for Easy Skip Hire!

Cardiff Skips1 – How do I find a good skip hire company?

Unless you’ve had personal experience with a skip hire company, you can’t! You can’t be expected to know everything about a particular supplier when you’ve never used them! Anyone can lure you to picking their company with a snazzy advert, however, this is a gamble. Not only in terms of the cost but also with where your waste actually ends up! This is something only a few of us consider since fly-tipping is an under-rated problem we face in the UK. For more information, visit our page on Cardiff skip hire

Skip companies are not regulated as such, as they operate under their own licensed waste transfer stations. These stations are regulated by the Environment Agency, but nothing actually regulates the skip hire services these waste disposal providers offer.

Bad companies you don’t want to work with are those that fly tip waste. This ends up adding to your council tax bill since it’s the council that has to clean the mess up! Fly tipping is now a major problem in most built-up cities, with rural areas being ruined by piles of waste. It costs a local council anywhere from £2-3 million a year to clean up! Statistically speaking, someone fly tips every 35 seconds!

2 – Why aren’t skip hire companies reliable & on-time?

Whilst this doesn’t apply to ourselves, we know that there’s a huge stigma when it comes to skip hire companies. Being late isn’t always the skip companies fault – a lot of people expect a skip hire service to act like clockwork, however, the reality is there’s a lot more involved. When we take a look at an average day of a skip lorry driver, there’s a lot more going on than you think. Transporting heavy cargo takes time, making sure that the proper safety protocols are taken each step of the way. Lot’s of things can also go wrong when picking up skips/dropping them off so that can also slow down the driver’s schedule.

Know that a professional skip hire company will notify you of any delays that may arise because of logistical difficulties. Know that it’s rarely a case of deliberate bad service, as things do happen!

3 – Why does skip hire cost so much?

We aren’t going to say that skip hire is cheap since our quotes range upwards of £110. Whilst that isn’t exactly pocket change, we like to think that the price is affordable for the service you’re getting in return. You also need to think about the overheads involved with skip hire. We’ve broken down a few of the stats below:

  • Skip Lorry £35,000
  • Skip £500-£2000
  • Insurance £2000 per lorry
  • Public Liability Insurance £1250 per lorry
  • Skip Wagon Driver £26,000
  • Fuel £22,000
  • Recycling Costs – £2-4 million

Taking a short look at a few of the overheads of a skip hire company, it soon adds up! Collecting, recycling & disposing of waste isn’t a cheap business, but it has to be done!

4. Why won’t my skip lorry driver take my skip away when it’s barely overfilled?

This may be a common annoyance with skip hire customers, however, it’s just the driver doing their job! It really isn’t the driver being unreasonable, as they’re following the law! Our drivers are legally unable to carry unsafe loads. The problem is a lot of people opt for a smaller skip in hopes of ramming a lot of waste in. This attempt to save money is futile & also a false economy as they’ll end up having to re-hire the skip. Our advice is to always go for a larger skip since you never know what you might end up throwing out!

5. What happens to the waste that you collect?

A lot of people don’t consider what happens to their waste when it’s collected. If it isn’t something you’ve thought about, it should be! Landfill space is running out quickly. It’s estimated that in 2020 there will be practically no more landfill space in the UK. With more and more focus on preserving the environment, we should be looking at alternatives to just burying our waste.

Professional skip hire companies will always invest in recycling, further refining processes that less pro-active providers are trying to catch up with. These processes end up saving the customer money as recycling is much more efficient than just burying the waste. It also helps a lot to reduce the amount of harmful waste we’re putting into the earth.

Skip hire is a service that we never think about, but all end up needing eventually. For a reliable service in South Wales, Cardiff, Caerphilly & Llanbradach, visit our page on Skip Hire Cardiff


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